Concert 11th august

The pearls of the baroque are the « Tears of the Gods »

Haendel, Purcell, Bach, Rameau, Vivaldi, Duphly

By ADN BAROQUE « between body and soul»

The countertenor and dancer Théophile Alexandre is one of the few artists in the world intermixing song and dance at this level of excellence. He is known and recognised by great conductors for his voice, which is warm, vibrant and unique, covering more than 2 octaves and able to soar with virtuosity right up to the A preceding top C.

Guillaume Vincent, concert pianist, winner of numerous prizes and nominated in 2014 for the Révélation Soliste Instrumental at the Victoires de la Musique Classique, has performed solo on the most prestigious stages and has worked with many important partners.

To present the incredible, to the trained ear as well as the wider audience, these two exceptional young artists have dared to reinvent baroqe masterpieces for piano and piano-voice. The expertise of these two artists brings to life 21 amazing pearls, from the most well-known to the most rare: listening to them, we can understand why it is said that pearls are the “Tears of the Gods”. A moment of pure pleasure!


this evening's wine partner, from 7p.m

Château Pépusque
11700 Pépieux
Tél : 04 68 91 41 38

In 1986 Renée and Benoît Laburthe came back to work their grandfather’s vines in the heart of the Minervois and at the foot of the Montagne Noire. They are developing the spirit of artisan winemakers based on tradition and quality.


  • Tomato, mozzarella and basil tartare.
  • Potato bites with grilled confit of duck.
  • Toast with tuna rillettes and trout roe.
  • Mini sandwich with St-Agur cheese and grilled pork belly.
  • Beef fillet with tartare sauce.
  • Tartlet with cantal, green apple and Espilette pepper.
  • Lemon mousse with shortbread crumb base.