Concert 22nd July 21.30


By the Concert Impromptu

In partnership with Arts Vivants 11, within the organisation of Hop ! résidence musiques pas si classiques...

Five outstanding musicians - a flute, a clarinette, a bassoon, a horn and an oboe - come together for this concert with the pianist Bruno Belthoise and the soprano Capucine Keller, a master of emotional vocal expression.

The programme derives its inspiration from Berlioz, the epitome of French musical Romanticism.

Hector Berlioz was deeply moved by the theatre of Shakespeare. Taking this as his inspiration, Berlioz created the « Symphonie dramatique » to portray his version of Romeo and Juliet, which similarly inspired his contemporary Gounod. With Béatrice et Benedict, he turns to comic opera and draws inspiration once again from Shakespeare in his adaptation of Much ado about nothing.

There is also reference to Shakespeare in Berlioz’s series of melodies on the poetry of Théophile Gautier: Nuits d’été.

Berlioz often cited Gluck among his musical inspirations: he revised the opera Orpheus and Eurydice which inspired the famous ballet Scène des Champs Elysées.

It is Delibes, however, who emerges as the heir apparent to the Romantic movement, whose keywords appear to be love and death. But there are already signs of a new exoticism...


this evening’s wine partner, from 7pm

Château Guéry
4 av du Minervois 11700 Azille
Tél. Fax : 04 68 91 44 34

Our family has been farming in Azille for several generations. It would be a pleasure to meet you at the caveau to taste our wines.



- Appetizer: Tomato salad and eggs mimosa with cocktail sauce.
- Seafood Fideua with peppers, merguez and chorizo.
- Mandarine dessert, Grand Marnier and orange sorbet with mango coulis.

NB : Guided visit of the abbey at 8.30pm before the concert.