Concert 27th July


Love and mystic devotion in Claudio Monteverdi’s vocal work.

"Les Chants de Garonne"

5 singers accompanied by a continuo and directed by Jean-François Gardeil.

Clémence Garcia : soprano, Yara Kasti : mezzo soprano, Yohan Arbona: countertenor, Paul Crémazy: tenor, Jean-François Gardeil : baritone.
Estelle Besingrand: cello, Christopher Gibert : harpsichord and organ

The reputation of Chants de Garonne and their charismatic leader is well established with the audience of the Vendredis Cassiques. For this concert, Jean-François Gardeil presents madrigals intertwined with some of Claudio Monteverdi’s most well known sacred pieces.

The cohesive scenario demonstrates the evolution of the representation of Woman during the composer’s lifetime, particularly with reference to dramas he experienced, from an object of passion and desire to the contemplative fervour for the Virgin Mary that dominated his work at the end of his life.

This original performance by artists of unquestionable talent cannot fail to enchant.

It promises to be an unmissable evening for the opening of the summer festival !


this evening's wine partner, from 7p.m

Château Pépusque
11700 Pépieux
Tél : 04 68 91 41 38

In 1986 Renée and Benoît Laburthe came back to work their grandfather’s vines in the heart of the Minervois and at the foot of the Montagne Noire. They are developing the spirit of artisan winemakers based on tradition and quality.



  • Salad with sunflower seeds, grilled onion, toast, creamed porcini mushrooms and dried breast of duck
  • Chicken fricassee with curry
  • Spiced baby potatoes
  • Individual Apple Pie with vanilla cream