Concert 5th August 21.30


By the Chants de Garonne


This evening’s performance is two acts from Claudio Monterverdi’s opera Orfeo.

Under the direction of Jean-François Gardeil, the Chants de Garonne chamber choir and a team of soloists, talented as both singers and actors, present this masterpiece of baroque art that elicits emotions ranging from hope to despair, praise to lamentation.

Emmanuel Gardeil’s production deploys small touches to give unexpected colour to certain passages, notably festive passages whose popular character permits improvisation.

« Baroque art is contrast, tension and drama. The creation of the music appears to take place right there before our eyes, as the performer in some way improvises. It’s not insignificant that the first opera was the myth of Orpheus, the magician, the “father of artists”, the person whose song seduced wild beasts and inanimate beings, who overcame the god of the Underworld to restore Eurydice to the land of the living. Orpheus, a poet in the Greek sense of the word, one who creates, acts, innovates. On stage, the charm of Monteverdi’s score unfolds and then the improvisation makes complete sense. The singers are also dancers and instrumentalists …… Orpheus is daring too, don’t you think? » E. Gardeil

This evening is on a par with the unforgettable 2010 production in Caunes of «Opéras Bibliques ».


this evening’s wine partner, from 7pm

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11700 Pépieux
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In 1986 Renée and Benoît Laburthe came back to work their grandfather’s vines in the heart of the Minervois and at the foot of the Montagne Noire. They are developing the spirit of artisan winemakers based on tradition and quality.