Concert 9th June

Portuguese music from the four corners of the world

by Antoinette Trio

In partnership with the Marbrières de Caunes association
Within the context of « La Semaine des Marbres »

There are two key motives behind the 9th June concert, the first of the 2017 season:
- To intensify the 2015 and 2016 initiatives to raise cultural awareness of classical music in young people via a proposed residence in the Caunes primary school from Tuesday 6th to Friday 9th June.
- To participate actively in the promotion of cultural activities in Caunes; to bring together music and sculpture throughout the week through association with « La Semaine des Marbres », participation every evening at the « Café des Marbres » and the organisation of an end-of-residence concert on the 9th June at HangART, location for the mini symposium « Sculptures en direct » run by the Marbrières de Caunes.

Julie Audouin - Flute
Antoine Leite - Guitar
Arnaud Rouanet - Clarinette

The Antoinette Trio owes its richness to the complementary career paths of its musicians: with Julie’s conservatoire prizes, Arnaud’s 2010 jazz migration prize and the many live performances organised by Antoine, we have all the ingredients for an original adventure.
The three artists work closely on Antoine’s selection of Lusitanian music, which proclaims loud and clear his Portuguese culture and origins. From fado to forro, from Portugal to Brazil via Cap-Vert, the trio explores the music of all latitudes.
Come and discover the outcome of the work accomplished during this residence week.


this evening's wine partner, from 7p.m