The Association

Développement Culturel en Minervois

Danièle Gastou

Gerda Thomassen
Honorary President

The association Développement Culturel en Minervois was created in 2001 on the initiative of Gerda Thomassen, president and artistic director until 2008.
The mission of the association is to research and support activities conducive to cultural development in the Minervois.
Our ambition each year is to present evenings with first-rate artists performing an eclectic range of classical music.

Within this context we have organised concerts in the grounds of the Abbey since 2001, initially known as the Vendredis Classiques de Caunes now the Festival de Musique et d'Art vocal.

The organisation and programming of the festival are run by the president, Danièle Gastou and artistic director, Yves Garnault with the help of the committee members :
- José Gastou , treasurer, Michèle Dilax, secretary, Alison Mugford, communication with foreign artists and members of the association.
- As well as all members of the association: Elizabeth, Michael, Odile, Gérard, Roselyne, Claudine, Albert, Jean et Josette,  Andrée, Thierry, Thérèse et Jeannot, Henri, John...